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Road Rage! (original Low Life Books paperback) **OUT OF PRINT**

A pocket-sized piece of pulp fiction. I don’t want to give anything away, but this book is cleverer than it sounds. A quick and funny read. The Edge

Here’s what it says on the back cover:

Will Goodman is banged up after a road protest. Once freed, he embarks upon a journey back to the East End front line, but six months inside has left him feeling as horny as hell. After shagging a mysterious tattooed girl in a pub bog, he finds his cock covered in ancient Celtic runes!

One his way to being reunited with his mates to do battle against the road builders, Will befriends a scruffy black dog called Bridey. He later discovers that the mysterious tattoos on his private parts hold the key to a vast and powerful ancient magic – but will it be powerful enough to stop the road building programme?

Road Rage! was launched in July 1997 at the former Tactical bar and bookshop on D’Arblay Street, Soho, with DJing from the majestic Knights of the Occasional Table.

Limited number of mint condition Road Rage! paperback-only £24.00 per item plus £3.50 p&p UK ONLY — via my verified Paypal account.

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N.B. a very small number of secondhand copies of Road Rage! in varying conditions are available on Abebooks where the only ‘near fine’ edition is currently £19.95 inc p&p.

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