Zombies Ate My Library


UPDATE 13/02/2017

apfoj-front-cover-jpgYou can pre-order the paperback of A Place Free Of Judgement – which includes my exclusive new novella ‘Zombies Ate My Library’ – direct from publisher Blast Theory here (books ship on 22 February).


I posted about Blast Theory’s and my libraries project A Place Free of Judgement on The Bookseller blog.

It is interesting looking back at my notes from when we started work back in the spring. ‘If you plan to use technology in the final piece,’ advised Blast Theory’s Nick Tandavanitj, ‘get participants using it immediately for making and creating: it is the on-ramp to the project.’

We took that to heart, and the young people have been learning to use some pretty high-end kit—complex, up-to-the-minute sound gear, cameras and streaming technology—bringing their own creativity to bear, writing and telling stories and developing new kinds of interaction which will be put into practice live on the night, and which perhaps will also help to tell a larger story.

During the summer, Ju Row Farr and I wondered if A Place Free of Judgement was also becoming in part a kind of love song to libraries. It was clear that a project like this one could only happen in and through the public library network. The title A Place Free of Judgement refers of course to libraries’ fundamental ethos of access for all by right, and it stuck early on, yet all of this has been going on against a national and local backdrop of unprecedented library closures and organisational restructures the scale of which beggars belief.

A Place Free of Judgement livestreams tomorrow, Saturday 29 October 2016.

Find out more about A Place Free of Judgement on the project website.

As part of the project I’m going to be doing some live readings from a new short story specially written for the project: ‘Zombies Ate My Library’. There are events at Telford Southwater Library (3:30pm), Cannock Library (6:30pm) and Worcester, St John’s Library (9:30pm). Booking is essential for these. In addition to the live gigs, a series of short video clips of the story will be released at regular intervals during the livestream.

Here’s a tiny taste from ‘Zombies Ate My Library’:


A Place Free of Judgement by Blast Theory and Tony White, Saturday 29 October, 3:00pm – 12:00 midnight. Log in at http://aplacefreeofjudgement.co.uk

Live readings by Tony White: 3:30pm Telford Southwater Library/ 6:30pm Cannock Library / 9:30pm Worcester, St John’s Library. Booking essential. Visit http://aplacefreeofjudgement.co.uk

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