A selection of author photos and live shots. If re-using, please ensure that you reproduce any photographer’s credit – or contact me if you need an author photo.

Photo © Chris Dorley-Brown, 2018
Tony White speaking at Strong Language, Site Gallery, Sheffield 2018 (Photo: Chris Saunders)
Tony White by David Laskowski. One of a series of portraits taken by Laskowski at the Resonance 104.4fm Christmas Party, London 2016.
Tony White reading at the Bookartbookshop, London, Bloomsday 2019. © Patrick Walsh, 2019
Photo: Chris Dorley-Brown
Tony White reading at Beaconsfield, London. Photo © Marianne Magnin, 2015
Tony White, BBCNews, 1 May 2013
BBC World News, 2013
© Chris Dorley-Brown, 2012
Photo: Chris Dorley-Brown
Tony White talking about The Fountain in the Forest with Nick Hubble for the Brunel Writers Series, Brunel University London. Photo: © Bernardine Evaristo, 2019
© Hugo Glendinning, 1999
Photo: Hugo Glendinning, 1999 (click-through to see full-size)
Photo: Hugo Glendinning, 2008
Video still © Inga Tillere, 2014
Photo: © Karen Regn, 2013
Photo: Chris Dorley-Brown
Photo: Chris Dorley-Brown

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