Link to an interview with Miljenko Jergović

I wanted to quickly link to a really good and very short interview with Miljenko Jergović on Hungarian Literature Online which I picked up via Maud Newton’s blog.

Miljenko was born in Sarajevo in 1966 and now lives and works in Zagreb. The introduction to the interview notes that readers of Croatian daily Jutarnji List have voted Miljenko the best Croatian writer of the decade. The excellent Words Without Borders writes that his work ‘has been translated extensively throughout the world’, though unfortunately for us Anglophones hardly any of it into English.

There is one short story collection available in English translation, Sarajevo Marlboro. Also, a great story by Miljenko Jergović entitled ‘Araby’ opens the Croatian Nights (Serpent’s Tail, 2005) anthology that I co-edited with Borivoj Radaković and Matt Thorne, and which was published simultaneously in Croatian Translation as Hrvatski Noći (VBZ, 2005).

You can buy Croatian Nights from The Book Depository here.

Croatian Nights, Serpent's Tail 2005