There’s a place called London SW14

I went out to buy coffee this morning and found this, propped up against a wall in the Barnes/Mortlake area:

Initially I wondered if it might be a piece of folk art (a relic from a former community centre perhaps, or the conscious work of some Blackheart Man here in White Hart Lane), but while I was photographing it I had a short conversation with the person who lived there and they told me that the map had been a prop for some animation sequences in the 2010 feature film Africa United. But actually what it made me think of was that great Junior Byles song for Lee Perry, ‘A Place Called Africa’, which is featured in numerous reggae compilations including volume 3 of Trojan’s great old Creation Rockers series. The song is also very easy to find online, as is the version featuring toasting from Winston Prince, a.k.a. Dr Alimantado.