Panel beating

This Friday 8 June I’ll be speaking at The Literary Conference: Writing in a Digital Age. Here’s the blurb:

an up-to-the-minute conference to make sense of the many possibilities open to writers today, with practical sessions, workshops, case studies, working examples, debates and networking. […] The discussions will explore the key issues facing writers, such as making and selling ebooks, choosing to self-publish or go via traditional routes, an exploration of the emerging international markets, how technology changes literary forms, social media and other promotional tools.

The panel I’m part of has been put together by Sophie Rochester of the excellent The Literary Platform, which if you don’t know it is, ‘a free online resource dedicated to showcasing projects experimenting with literature and technology,’ and well worth checking out. Here’s the blurb for our panel, which is at 12:15 on Friday:

What does new technology mean for the art of storytelling? This session, curated in association with The Literary Platform, gets to the bottom of how much writers should factor in other platforms and, importantly, the reader when constructing their stories. It will look at how traditional writing is changing, and help inspire writers to develop their skills around new approaches to storytelling.

Among other things, Sophie has asked me to talk about Ivy4evr, my collaboration with the brilliant Blast Theory for Channel 4.


The Literary Conference: Writing in a Digital Age
8th June – 9th June 2012
Free Word Centre, 60 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3GA