Watch ‘Include Me Out…’ here

Artist Alan Phelan sent through these stills from the film ‘Include Me Out of the partisans manifesto’ that he has made of my short story ‘Include Me Out.’ Alan’s new film is on show at Limerick Gallery of Art until 22 November 2012. I hope there will be some other screenings after that. If you can’t get to Limerick you can watch ‘Include Me Out of the partisans manifesto’ here.

‘Include Me Out’ is a story (commissioned by the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin) about Alan Phelan’s work, particularly a series of art works in various media entitled Fragile Absolutes, so it is more than apt that the story has now come full circle to become a part of Alan’s work, being incorporated into this same Fragile Absolutes series.

Eagle-eyed readers will know that Alan Phelan’s title Fragile Absolutes comes from Slavoj Žižek’s book The Fragile Absolute: Or, Why is the Christian Legacy Worth Fighting For? (Verso, 2009). Phelan used all of the italicized words in Žižek’s book as the basis of word association and other processes to create his new works. I then used that same stock of italicized words as a semi-mandated vocabulary to be used in the writing of my story.