Foxy-T on Facebook

As the tenth anniversary of the publication of my novel Foxy-T approaches, and encouraged by some positive responses to this news, I created an official page for the novel on Facebook. There was no such thing as Facebook when Foxy-T came out. In fact 2003 feels like a pre-digital age; lost on the other side of some social media event horizon. If you visit the page you will see that it links to a selection of the amazing reviews and write-ups that Foxy-T has continued to receive in the years since publication.

If you enjoyed Foxy-T, and you are on Facebook, then do please consider ‘liking’ the page, linking to it or tweeting about it! If you haven’t read Foxy-T you can buy it from the Book Depository, or order one from your local independent bookshop! The Foxy-T Facebook page