A Porky Prime Cut with UK Acid House pioneer Richard Norris

Now up on my SoundCloud page, this is the studio version of a gig that I did at the Free University of Glastonbury 2011, with live accompaniment from UK Acid House pioneer Richard Norris, who as part of Jack the Tab-era Psychic TV made the UK’s first Acid House records.

I avoided the common for a few weeks and repaired my headphones with masking tape, but as the weather gradually got warmer we started going there again on the way home. ‘We’ being me, Gaz and Dom and self-confessed ‘token girl’ Daze. Dom was into reciting routines from the Arena documentary on writer William S. Burroughs that someone in the college library had videoed when it was on telly a couple of months earlier and which we must have seen a dozen times not including the rewinding of favourite sequences so knew those routines inside out in the way that school friends with older brothers knew Monty Python.

A Porky Prime Cut was commissioned as part of Digital Transformations, an arts project co-ordinated and curated by SCAN with Bournemouth Libraries and Arts and Bournemouth Adult Learning. Digital Transformations was funded and supported by The Learning Revolution Transformation Fund, Bournemouth Borough Council, SCAN, Bournemouth University, and the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education. This version of ‘A Porky Prime Cut’ was produced by Richard Norris, and recorded in Lewes, Sussex, July 2011.