Panel Beating #3

 Image: Science Museum

Image: Science Museum

I’ll be discussing my novel Shackleton’s Man Goes South alongside other artists featured in the Science Museum’s Climate Changing programme, together with a range of experts who bring different perspectives to the challenge of engaging audiences with climate change. Speakers include Joshua Sofaer, Thomas Thwaites, Guy Henderson, Sophie Thomas, (Co-Director of Design, RSA), and paleobotanist Professor Robert Spicer. The symposium is Chaired by journalist and broadcaster Quentin Cooper.

Here is the blurb:

Engaging audiences with climate change and sustainability is notoriously challenging. And it’s no wonder. Complex scientific, economic, social and political issues seem impossibly intertwined. The prognosis is often perceived as gloomy yet intangible, with vast changes to our world unfolding slowly over decades and centuries. Solutions are hotly debated, though most encroach inconveniently on our own lifestyles. It is no surprise that emotional responses often range from guilt, to powerlessness, to complete disengagement. Artists often find new routes into these topics. The Science Museum’s Climate Changing programme, running since 2010, has featured the work of various artists who reframe these issues in their own uniquely creative ways.


Artists on Climate Change
Thursday 11 September 2014
Dana Studio, Queen’s Gate
FREE but booking essential