Book launched, reviewed


Thank you to the brilliant bookartbookshop for hosting the launch of “Shklovsky’s Zoo” by Joanna Walsh, the 29th title from my artists’ book imprint Piece of Paper Press, founded in 1994. (Click-through to see the panoramic photo in higher resolution.) “Shklovsky’s Zoo” is published in a limited, numbered edition of 150 copies, and many were given away at the launch event, on a first-come first-served basis. Titles from Piece of Paper Press are always given away, whether at a launch event or by post to a slowly evolving mailing list that includes past contributors.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 08.36.59“Shklovsky’s Zoo” is included in the summer reading round-up from Influx Press, and Richard Marshall’s review of “Shklovsky’s Zoo” is published on 3am Magazine.

It has a probing quality, pivoting without fumbling to strike its successive targets, moving at cantankerous pace. It has a low-key urgency in its tone, a sequence of discontinuities that assigns expressiveness to its inquisition. The very naturalness belies its vast metaphysical strangeness & all done in miniature of course.