The Holborn Cenotaph on Twitter—no spoilers

-1I love tweeted reviews, so I have been really pleased to see the responses to my short story ‘The Holborn Cenotaph’ on Twitter.

‘The Holborn Cenotaph’ was first written for an event, The Cenotaph Project and the public sphere—with artists Stuart Brisley and Maya Balcioglu, and Sanja Perovic of King’s College London—that was held in the chapel at King’s as part of their Arts & Humanities Festival 2014. A small proof edition of the text was published to be given away to people attending the event. Since then I’ve given readings of the story at Westminster University’s Small Press Symposium, at In Yer Ear #10, at The MAC in Belfast, at Richard Strange’s legendary Cabaret Futura, at the London Radical Bookfair, the Brixton Book Jam and at Beaconsfield’s birthday fundraiser. Two further editions of ‘The Holborn Cenotaph’ have been given away at these gigs.

Here—without spoilers!—are some examples of what people have said on Twitter.

Thanks everyone.
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