Peaking in Darien

The next reading of ‘The Holborn Cenotaph’ will be at the HY-BRASIL! LATIN AMERICAN-IRISH EASTER RISING EVENT at i’klekticartlab on Sunday 27th March 2016.



I’ll also be giving a rare reading of ‘Apocryphal Fragment from the Lives of the Conquistadors’—my psychedelic parable of Hernán Cortés via Carlos Castañeda—to the musical accompaniment by Gibby Haynes that was specially commissioned to go with the story by artist Steven Hull for Glow: Santa Monica and for the vinyl LP A Puppet Show.

In his comprehensive sleeve notes for the LP, Christopher Schnieders notes that Haynes’s piece — ‘Maigizo ya Bandia’ — ‘synchronizes remarkably with Tony White’s story.’ He’s right. It does. A fact which is all the more remarkable since, as Schnieders tells us, ‘Haynes admits, “I intentionally did not read the story then was shocked to find out how much the writing inspired the sounds.”’


This Easter Rising event has been put together by my old friend and co-conspirator Bronac Ferran. Here’s the blurb from her site:

Fantastic guests from Brazil and England and Ireland. Brazilian songwriter and singer Leandro Maia with guitarist Thiago Colombo and special guest CM Jarrão Capoeira (berimbau). Tony White reading The Holborn Cenotaph—‘Super dry, dark and funny. Glasnost for UK cops’ (Tim Etchells)—and his incantatory performance reading of Apocryphal Fragment from the Lives of the Conquistadors. Luciana Haill’s Dreamachine and light projections. Liam Ryan’s Cosmic Easter Eggs

-1A free edition of the full text of ‘The Holborn Cenotaph’ is usually given away following live readings of the story. However the fourth edition of ‘The Holborn Cenotaph’ is now completely out of print; the last few copies were given away at February’s British Library gig.

Sadly—as you will know if you have seen any of the many readings of ‘The Holborn Cenotaph’ that I have given since first performing it as part of ‘The Cenotaph Project and the public sphere’ back in October 2014—frequent updates to the text are a tragic necessity. Consequently there will be no further impressions of the Piece of Paper Press edition; I simply can’t produce them quickly enough to keep up. Instead, I am now working on a completely revised edition of the story and exploring more easily updateable formats. These are planned for publication in conjunction with some exciting events that are coming up through the rest of the year. (Sign up for my mailing list if you want to be sure not to miss these.)

After this Easter Rising gig, the next reading of ‘The Holborn Cenotaph’ will be back at King’s College London on 29 April, as part of the CreativeWorks London Festival—follow the link for registration. More info on precise venue and timings for that will be available shortly.



Sunday 27th March 2016.

IKLECTIK Art Lab, Old Paradise Yard   20 Carlisle Lane   SE1 7LG

Free with paid bar (donations at door welcome)

Doors 7:45. Performances 8:00-10:15 pm