Shackleton’s Man Goes South

Photo: Science Museum

Photo: Science Museum

I’ll be reading from my Science Museum novel Shackleton’s Man Goes South at the Polar Museum, Cambridge on Thursday 15 September, and at the Estuary Festival 2016 in Tilbury Docks on Saturday 17 September.

With Shackleton’s Man Goes South, Tony White has written a bold novel-cum-manifesto, a prophecy, satire, and warning, and a gripping polar allegory for the era of global warming and human trafficking. In the steps of Swift, Blake and Aldous Huxley, he brings a puzzlemaster’s ingenuity, a political observer’s despair, a voracious appetite for geo-political knowledge and a storyteller’s sense to create a stark vision of a future that may be coming sooner than anyone can bear to think. Marina Warner

Shackleton’s Man Goes South was published by the Science Museum as their Atmosphere Commission 2013, and was the first novel they had ever published. Being published by the Science Museum was also a chance to experiment. The novel was published in ebook formats for free giveaway by the Museum—online and via a specially developed touchscreen ‘ebook dispenser’—and in a paperback exclusively available from the Science Museum shop. An accompanying exhibition about the novel ran in the Museum’s Atmosphere Gallery for two years until spring 2015.

You can still download the novel free in PDF from the Science Museum website here.

Photo: Science Museum

Photo: Science Museum


The Polar Museum, Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, Lensfield Road, Cambridge CB2 1ER. Thursday 15 September, 18:00 – 20:30. FREE but booking essential.

Shackleton’s Man Goes South will be in the Shorelines main auditorium, Tilbury Cruise Terminal, Ferry Road, Thurrock RM18 7NG. Saturday 17 September, 12:00 noon – 12:25. FREE — Full programme and travel info on the Shorelines site.

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