Polar bearings

The Polar Museum in Cambridge have released the audio of a panel event about culture and climate change that I was proud to be involved in last year. Here’s the blurb:

The Arctic and Antarctic have long claimed a strong hold on the western imagination, but climate change has given these regions new prominence and meaning. Why have these places held such a strong attraction for western explorers and storytellers? Has Polar science been well represented in climate change coverage in professional journalism and social media? What have we learned from controversies, whether about natural science, or the interests of the people and places most affected by change? How much do we know about future scenarios for these sensitive regions, and how should we tell those stories today in a way that might change the future for the better? Is the future the next frontier for explorers and storytellers?

This free public event explored these themes with contributions from climate modeller Tamsin Edwards (Open University), oceanographer Mark Brandon (Open University), Cambridge Polar Museum curator Charlotte Connelly, poet Nick Drake (author of Arctic-themed poem cycle ‘The Farewell Glacier’) and writer Tony White (Science Museum writer in residence and author of the Science Museum published climate change novel Shackleton’s Man Goes South). Broadcaster and writer Dallas Campbell (presenter of BBC’s Bang Goes the Theory and City in the Sky) introduced and chaired the event. It was co-organised by the University of Cambridge Polar Museum and The Mediating Change Group, which is based jointly at the Open University Geography Department and the University of Sheffield School of Architecture.

Click here to listen on the Polar Museum’s Soundcloud page now

Click here to download a free PDF of Shackleton’s Man Goes South by Tony White, the first novel ever published by the Science Museum


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