Fountain playlist, plus Wystics

I’ve pulled together a playlist of music mentioned or featured in my new novel The Fountain in the Forest, which is published by Faber and Faber on 4 January 2018.

It features among others The Stranglers, Culture, The Clash, Young Marble Giants, Killing Joke, and The Enid’s encore at the Stonehenge Free Festival 1984, as well as Berlioz, Bach, and Brecht and Weill, plus some plunderphonics from Okapi and Aldo Kapi Orchestra.

These tracks are not presented in their order of appearance in the text, and where e.g. bands rather than particular songs are cited, I have made informed editorial decisions. I may also have taken one or two liberties in the interests of your listening pleasure ;)

Anyway, here it is.

Perhaps it’s inevitable that the Wystic Mankers are not on Spotify. If they were, I’d have included the song ‘Love Revolution’, from their brilliant live album wysticmankers@stonehenge.1984, on which the Wystic’s are joined by Rainbow Ron on vocals, plus The Colin Angela Tribe wall of sound.

Incidentally, with Rainbow Ron’s Eek-A-Mouse-inspired toasting over the Wystic’s rough stoner funk jam, ‘Love Revolution’ may be the best 17 minutes of music that you’ve never heard. Luckily, ‘Love Revolution’ from the Wystic’s set at Stonehenge 1984 is available on their Bandcamp page, so you can buy it there, or listen on the Bandcamp player here:

Same goes for the Cardiacs, but luckily someone has posted a recording of the opening track from their Stonehenge 1984 set on Youtube, and put it together with some amazing Super 8 footage:


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