Street readings – The Fountain in the Forest

I was delighted to have the opportunity to devise a guided walk (with readings) around the block in Holborn, London, of locations from my novel The Fountain in the Forest, which took place yesterday, 3 July, as part of a Summer Symposium, put on by The Culture Capital Exchange (TCCE).

Starting at the Art Workers’ Guild in Queen Square, the walk took in landmarks including the site of Wyndham Lewis’s Rebel Art Centre of 1914 on Great Ormond Street, Sid’s (a.k.a. Conduit Coffee House) on Lamb’s Conduit Street, Holborn Police Station, and the celebrated fish and chip shop Fryer’s Delight, interspersed with readings from The Fountain in the Forest, before making a final stop in October Gallery on Old Gloucester Street for a reading of The Holborn Cenotaph.

In the event we were slightly pressed for time, and were unable to make the slight detour to visit the historic and architecturally pioneering Holborn Library.

I hope there will be further opportunities to give the walk, which takes around one hour. If you are interested in taking part in such events in the future and are not already on my mailing list, you can sign up at the link below.

Here’s the handout that we gave to participants.

The TCCE summer symposium was subtitled ‘Refresh, Reboot, Retool: new imaginaries for challenging times’. Bringing together

academics, artists, creatives, policy-makers and people from other sectors, Refresh Reboot, Retool: new imaginaries for challenging times sets out to create a space in which to encourage, debate, conversation, play, knowledge exchange and co-creation about some of our most important contemporary challenges including: politics, diversity, identity, place and environment.


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