Tonight – Alison Turnbull at Rodić Davidson Architects

I’m delighted to be doing an event tonight – Weds 5 September – with the artist Alison Turnbull. Here is the invitation:

Please join us at 1 Pied Bull Yard on Wednesday 5 September at 6–8 pm for a drink to celebrate the display of Alison Turnbull’s Japanese Paintings. The paintings are being displayed in the Bury Place windows of Rodić Davidson Architects throughout the summer. Alison will be joined by Tony White, author of the critically acclaimed, Oulipo-inspired detective novel The Fountain in the Forest. At 7pm Tony will read an extract from the short story he contributed to Alison Turnbull’s artist’s book Spring Snow – A Translation (Book Works). The London Review Bookshop next-door will be open on the evening and copies of both books will be available.

Alison Turnbull takes Japanese author Yukio Mishima’s novel Spring Snow as a starting point to produce Spring Snow − A Translation, which is literally a visual translation ordered by colour. Drawing on Mishima’s evocative use of colour in the novel, Turnbull condenses the narrative into a colour palette.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 11.51.30

Alison Turnbull, Spring Snow – A Translation


Weds 5 September, 6–8pm, Rodić Davidson Architects, 1 Pied Bull Yard, London, WC1A 2AE

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