Nina Allan’s 2018 crime fiction round-up

I’m delighted to discover that The Fountain in the Forest features in novelist and critic Nina Allan’s 2018 Reading Round-up: Part 1. Here’s what she has to say:

The most satisfying books in crime as in any area of literature tend to be those that do not fit easily into any category, that confound expectations. Tony White’s The Fountain in the Forest contains some of the best police procedural writing I have encountered – gritty, dense with detail, obsessively forensic – and on the level of a detective story it is entirely satisfying. That it also works as an experimental novel of the OULIPO school, and as a work of political and social commentary gives it a denseness and what I can only call composure that few novels in any genre can hope to emulate.

Nina Allan also links to a fascinating ‘reading challenge’, thrown down last January by the Bute Noir crime fiction festival.


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