Library promotion

May 2019 is National Crime Reading Month, and I love this imaginative crime fiction promotion that I spotted in Whitechapel Idea Store a couple of weeks ago.

Actually, I love Whitechapel. As some friends will know, I lived in the area for quite a while, and my novel Foxy-T is set there, just a few minute’s walk away on Cannon Street Road.

(ICYM You can read reviews of Foxy-T, or hear me talking about the novel on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme.)

In 2013, the Whitechapel Idea Store held an event on the 10th anniversary of the publication of Foxy-T as part of a Cockney Heritage Festival, which was a great thrill. And not least because local libraries had been supportive of the novel when it first came out. (At that time there were not as many bookshops in the East End of London as, thankfully, there are now.)

This time I was visiting because the Idea Store hosted the launch of Spread The Word’s London short story prize anthology. Emerging writers of all ages reading great work to a supportive audience? What’s not to like?

While I was there I was also delighted to learn that the library had The Fountain in the Forest in stock. As seen here – in the Crime section FYI.


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