Making Things Up – right in the thick of it

Photo © Chris Dorley-Brown, 2018

Mathew Clayton is a writer, publisher and happening-maker, a folk aficionado of the margins and the mainstream, who has started a new series of interviews, talking to (he says),

people running interesting creative projects that i hope will give inspiration to people thinking of starting something themselves.

Such a great idea, so I am delighted to have been first in line for a chat, which covers Piece of Paper Press, art school, The Fountain in the Forest, collaborations with Blast Theory and the Science Museum, Resonance FM, and my unique view of the Poll Tax Riots of 1990, from the podium beneath the Neo-Classical portico of the National Gallery…

So there I was, watching the Poll Tax Riot from this ornate gazebo, with the public square and this historic struggle on one side, and the gallery on the other: a unique vantage point, right in the thick of it.


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