Foxy-T and Fountain in Faber ebook

If you’re having trouble getting hold of print editions, or you just prefer reading on your chosen device, ebooks of my Faber and Faber novels The Fountain in the Forest (2018) and Foxy-T (2003) are available from all the usual outlets.

Here are the preview links for Kindle readers:

Praise for The Fountain in the Forest:

“It is absolutely terrific . . . it can be enjoyed at the level of a thriller, and yet it does all these other fascinating things, and best of all it’s the first in a trilogy . . . It’s such a good book.” Andy Miller, Backlisted Podcast

Praise for Foxy-T:

“Foxy-T is one of the best London novels you’ll ever get to read” Toby Litt, Herald on Sunday

NB Other ebook retailers are available – but I wanted to test out these new WordPress Block-edit links. If you try them, do please let me know how they work! I’d love to hear how you get on. Thank you ;)


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