Always steadily increasing in meaning

“It is very interesting, often very exciting, mostly very confusing, always steadily increasing in meaning.” (Gertrude Stein, The Making of Americans, p335)

Thanks to instigators Anna Barham and Irene Revell, and all fellow readers, for last night’s instalment in the continuing yearlong live reading of Gertrude Stein’s The Making of Americans. This project started in January as a low-key gathering in Anna Barham’s London living room, for a live audience comprised only of the dozen or so fellow participants, and broadcast online at Since March it has continued online as a strictly cameras off, audio-only group reading, broadcast for a few hours every two weeks to anyone and no-one.

They are all of them themselves and they repeat it and I hear it: a yearlong reading of Gertrude Stein’s The Making of Americans (1925). Organised by Irene Revell and Anna Barham. Next instalment: 8:00pm, Tuesday 19 May 2020.

Listen to the archive and the live-stream here.


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