Jill Coughman RIP

This portrait (oil on canvas, 60x90cm) was painted in Leeds, early in the autumn of 1984, by a very good friend of mine at the time, the painter Jill Coughman, who was then studying Fine Art at Leeds Polytechnic. It was painted in my basement room in the Hyde Park area of Leeds. Sitting for Jill was a great privilege, but it was also a really enjoyable two or three days. She was a great laugh, loved a gossip, and was very good and generous company.

I remember that Jill made several such portraits of contemporaries that year, as part of her studies. And once it was no longer needed, she kindly gave me the painting. It followed me around for a year or two, and then hung on the wall at my mother’s house for many years, but has recently returned to me. I thought that friends here might like to see it.

I was very sad to learn that Jill passed away at home in Plymouth on 8 April 2020.

RIP Jill.