Fountain on Spine Magazine

Thank you to Spine Magazine for recently showcasing designer Luke Bird’s wonderful cover for Faber & Faber’s 2018 trade paperback of The Fountain in the Forest.

It reminded me of several things. Firstly, how privileged we are as authors to have such vision, insight, craft and experience brought to bear in the production of our books. Then, how much I love the detail of Luke Bird’s design, such as the way that Pantone 802c (the flourescent green used for the lettering of the title) interacts and interferes with the background image: Louis Lafitte’s engraving of an allegory for the revolutionary month of Thermidor. And how proud I was to have The Fountain in the Forest going out into the world with such a unique, striking and (perhaps?) influential design.

As well as posting favourite covers on their Instagram and Twitter profiles, Spine Magazine reports on creative and production aspects of the book publishing industry, with many in-depth and insightful articles by leading designers, illuminating the design and production process, plus university press roundups, monthly cover galleries, and more.

If you’re interested in these aspects of publishing, then there will be much of interest here!


Buy The Fountain in the Forest via publisher Faber and Faber

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