Sinclair screengrabs

Deleting photos to make space on my phone, I found these screengrabs of a Zoom talk by the author Iain Sinclair, maybe some time last year, which seemed too good to lose entirely, so I screengrabbed the grabs.

I just looked it up and it was a lecture about William Blake for the Blake Society – watch it here ICYMI.

Having seen him speak many times and shared a platform with him once or twice, I can say that any talk by Sinclair is worth seeing if you get a chance. Guaranteed to be rich, digressive, generous, associative, generative. Thinking on his feet, riffing off a deep knowledge of literary currents and countercultures that’s born of decades of thoughtful practice and of practical encounters, and that fantastic memory; a stream of anecdotes and insights intertwined.

I had the privilege of interviewing Iain Sinclair for the Idler, around the time of the millennium. I wangled us a trip on the London Eye before it opened. I couldn’t believe no one had already commissioned him to write about it. Read Tony White’s interview with Iain Sinclair on the London Eye…


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