Collaborations with musicians

I love collaborating and performing with musicians. I learn so much from how a musician will read and respond to a story. How they can find new themes, structures and ideas in a piece of fiction. And how they open up a story for readers to access in new ways.

It’s always a revelation. Even down to things like knowing how many BPM you read at!

I’ve been really privileged to collaborate with some amazing musicians including Richard Norris, Simon Edwards, Jamie Telford, New Pope, and more. (This photo is from my performance with New Pope at the TULCA Festival in Galway, November 2016.)

I’ve just updated the audio page on my site, where you’ll find various live and studio recordings and collaborations. Most of the tracks are downloadable for you to takeaway and listen to on your preferred device.

I hope you enjoy them.

Thanks all!



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