The Toxic Camera, by Jane and Louise Wilson

The Toxic Camera, a short film by Jane and Louise Wilson is showing in London until 5 June 2022 as part of their excellent and timely exhibition at Maureen Paley, which opened Friday 29 April.

It is very highly recommended. And here’s a great interview with Jane and Louise Wilson from the Financial Times, 30 April.

Here (L) is an installation shot I took at the opening.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently for obvious reasons about Jane and Louise’s extraordinary and visionary research and making process, and that work we did a decade ago. The (literally) hundreds of pages of transcripts from interviews they’d conducted in Ukraine. So much memorable material that I was privileged to have access to for my part of the script.

It is beyond sadness to reflect on the current hellscape of inhumanity, the many thousands of lives lost, ruined and endangered, contrasted with the care and diligence of nuclear workers on the Chernobyl site whose own safety may now be compromised. The many conversations ended, and the conversations that simply would not be possible now, or ever again.

Here’s a link to Maureen Paley’s press release.

If you’re planning a visit to see Jane and Louise Wilson’s exhibition, you could do what I did and also book for the rolling screenings of Lumen by Sutapa Biswas, which is at Autograph until 4 June!

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