From a Scottish beach

I’ve missed doing live readings — I’m really looking forward to getting back to that soon.

I especially miss doing live readings on beautiful Roshven beaches on the west coast of Scotland, looking out over a hazy Loch Ailort towards Eigg, visited by pine martens, and dressed only in army surplus boiler suits and insect repellent, with swarms of tiny midges still piling into eyes, nose, mouth, ears… Actually that only happened just the once, and we had to abandon the reading and the video shoot after about a minute!

The photo (deemed a bad’un at the time, but cropped and straightened-up here) is by Bruce Gilchrist. We were all up in Lochaber for London Fieldworks and Resonance 104.4FM’s wonderful Remote Performances project back in 2014.

What fun that was — thanks all ;)


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