At the Bookartbookshop’s Bloomsday celebration

Happy Bloomsday night, all. What a great day it was, celebrating Bloomsday 2019 at London’s wonderful Bookartbookshop! Thanks all ;)

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© Patrick Walsh, 2019

It was a pleasure and a privilege to read the ‘Willingdone Museyroom’ from Finnegans Wake at London’s wonderful Bookartbookshop’s Bloomsday celebration yesterday. And to see the great Marcia Farquhar’s generous, intimate and mesmerising reading of Molly Bloom’s soliloquy from Ulysses; you could have heard a pin drop.

I was proud to wear my old Royal Mail tie for the occasion, partly because I introduced my own reading by talking about reading Finnegans Wake – my now very battered copy of Faber’s 50th anniversary paperback edition of 1989 – when I was working as a postman in Camden Town in the early 1990s, and partly in honour of the postman who appears on p.488 of the novel:

— Oyessoyess! I never dramped of prebeing a postman

Thank you to Alastair (at my left elbow there) and Tanya for their warm hospitality, and to the…

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