Fountain in Tokyo

Thank you to Hiromi for sending through this photo of The Fountain in the Forest beneath a canopy of Tokyo cherry blossom. I love it.

I’m always delighted when friends old and new send a photo of a book of mine that they’re reading, or have spotted in a shop or a library. Thank you so much! It’s an unexpected benefit of social media, and it gives me great pleasure to share them on.

Writing is a solitary activity, and your photos are always a pleasure to receive. These pictures remind me of the network of readers and bookshops; of books passing from hand to hand, and of holding a book in your hands to read. A reminder that books and stories are a real connection, but one that is created by the reader just as much as the writer. And that once they are out in the world, your books and stories have a life of their own, and you never know who will pick them up next.

Thanks, all ;)


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