Making Conversations

I am pleased to be talking to Dr Sanja Perovic of King’s College London, Chris Shaw and Bronac Ferran for Bronac’s Making Conversations programme on Resonance 104.4fm, 12 noon Tuesday 4 November. Pals will know that I chair the board of Resonance 104.4fm, so it makes a nice change to be on the other side of the microphone, as it were.

Michael Moorcock, ‘A Twist in the Lines’, POPP.027Among the things that we may discuss are my artists’ book project Piece of Paper Press, which gives this website its name, and which I began twenty years ago in 1994. You can read posts about recent Piece of Paper Press editions by Michael Moorcock (left) and Liliane Lijn elsewhere on this site.

We will also discuss the ‘loose collaboration’ that Perovic and I have been conducting with the artists Stuart Brisley and Maya Balcioglu over the past year or so. One output of which is ‘Into Day One of the Revolutionary Period’ [Opens as PDF], an edited and annotated transcript of a conversation between the four of us, which was published as a pamphlet by DOMOBAAL to accompany Brisley’s November 2013 performance work Before the Mast.

As well as discussing Sanja and Chris’s respective current projects, conversation will touch upon artists’ residencies, stories about climate change — including my recent article ‘Wanted: A New Kind of War Artist’ — and a thread of experimental publication that runs through my work, including my most recent novel Shackleton’s Man Goes South, which was published by the Science Museum, and can be downloaded free in all ebook formats from their website, or via the specially developed touch-screen ‘ebook dispenser’ that is part of the display about the novel in the Museum’s Atmosphere Gallery.

Listeners will be invited to send in a stamped-addressed-envelope in order to receive a copy of The Holborn Cenotaph, a new short story of mine that was first performed as a public reading as part of (and is being published to mark) The Cenotaph and the Public Sphere, an event by Balcioglu, Brisley, Perovic and I that was held in the Sir Gilbert Scott-designed chapel at King’s College London as part of their recent Arts & Humanities Festival 2014 (seen here in preparation, with Stuart Brisley at left).



resonance web logoMaking Conversations, 12 noon, Tuesday 4 November 2014, Resonance 104.4fm across London, or via the Resonance webstream.

To receive a copy of the forthcoming Piece of Paper Press edition of The Holborn Cenotaph, please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope (standard first- or second-class postage) to: