New: audiobook playlist for Shackleton’s Man Goes South

There is now an audiobook playlist for all three of my readings from my Science Museum novel Shackleton’s Man Goes South.

The readings were all recorded in the studio of my occasional, long-time collaborator, the composer Jamie Telford. Pals will recall that Jamie used to play live keyboard accompaniment to my readings from the novel CHARLIEUNCLENORFOLKTANGO, and that he composed the Portwall Preludes (a series of works written specifically for St Mary Redcliffe’s church organ) that provide the compelling musical soundscape for Missorts,

For Shackleton’s Man Goes South, Jamie Telford composed the sea shanty-ish ‘Going South Theme’, which bookends and punctuates these audiobook extracts.


Download the FREE ebook of Shackleton’s Man Goes South direct from the Science Museum website.

Shackleton’s Man Goes South is the Science Museum’s Atmosphere Gallery commission for 2013, published exclusively as part of the Contemporary Arts Programme.

© Tony White, 2013. All music © Jamie Telford, 2013. Recording engineer Andrew Phillis.

A display charting the literary and scientific inspirations behind Shackleton’s Man Goes South in the Science Museum’s Atmosphere Gallery runs for two years, from April 2013 to April 2015.

Shackleton's Man Goes South