Cover Gallery #3

The front of Ghost’s design for the paperback of Foxy-T—with its collage-effect street scene depiction of the E-Z Call—was never going to be quite as striking as Gray318’s stark wrap-around design for the jacketed demy paperback first edition, although it more or less picks up the yellow, red and black palette.FoxyTpbk_front
Of course the most important thing about this design is the Faber and Faber logo at bottom right, but between you and me, I’m not sure I was ever totally convinced by the two rather static figures standing with their backs to us. What are they doing there, and why are they standing in the road? I suppose it is pretty obvious that they are meant to be the novel’s main characters—who we know as Foxy-T and Ruji-babes—but it is probably also inevitable that I wouldn’t feel the pictures quite do the characters justice!

Nice typography though, and a great back cover!