Essex Indexicals live

Eye Magazine have posted a great review of 15 Seconds: Part 3 by Chris Dorley-Brown, which they call, ‘a powerful and entertaining digital artwork about time and growing up.’

a series of fascinating video portraits presented in a website designed and developed by Danielle Huntrods and Danny Birchall. Each video triptych (one for each participant) in the digital online artwork plays simultaneously, but each clip can be paused and played by the viewer. 15 Seconds: Part 3 is the first significant digital art commission by the Wellcome Collection.


I was pleased to see that they also picked up on my short story ‘Essex Indexicals’, which was commissioned by the Wellcome Collection to accompany the work, and which Eye call ‘a poetic essay by novelist Tony White that accompanies 15 Seconds [and which] captures the tone of the participants’ reflections on life and the passing of time’. For more background on 15 Seconds: Part 3 see this previous post.

As well as being available to view on-line here, 15 Seconds: Part 3 is also on show at FirstSite in Colchester, Essex from Saturday 5 September until 27 September.

I am giving a live reading of my short story ‘Essex Indexicals’ at the exhibition private view, which is on Saturday 19 June, from 5:00-7:00pm. All are welcome.


Read ‘Essex Indexicals’ here

Explore 15 Seconds: Part 3 on the Wellcome Collection website

See 15 Seconds Part 3 at FirstSite, Colchester, Lewis Gardens, High Street, Colchester, Essex, CO1 1JH

‘Essex Indexicals’ live, at the exhibition Private View, Saturday 19 June, 5:00-7:00pm

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