New and a Q: Video page

A new page on this website gathers video of various live appearances/readings and the short docs made about particular books and projects such as Missorts, Dicky Star and the Garden Rule, Shackleton’s Man Goes South​, etc. There’s more to come, including a short video doc of the Shackleton’s Man Goes South exhibition at the Science Museum, which ran for two years from April 2013 to April 2015.

These may be books you haven’t read yet, projects you haven’t seen, but as ever I’d love to hear what friends think ;)

So to my question:

Q. which kinds of book/author videos do you prefer, and which do you think give you a better flavour, the live videos or the short documentaries? I’m interested because these are increasingly—with book trailers of course—part of how we all work these days.


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