‘Small publishers …’

Michael Caines has written a nice post for the TLS blog about Joanna Walsh’s “Shklovsky’s Zoo” and Piece of Paper Press—as well as some other artists’ book miniatures:

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 08.36.59Take a piece of A4 paper. Fold it in half (reducing it to A5 size), then twice more (A6; A7). A little more unfolding and refolding, interrupted by one snip of the scissors, and there you have it – a booklet of eight pages. Stitch it and trim the edges. Now all you have to do is cover it with suitable words and pictures … I read the A7-sized Shklovsky’s Zoo by Joanna Walsh (published earlier this year by Tony White’s deliberately lo-fi and generous-spirited Piece of Paper Press) as a complimentary complement: it’s not about reading the book itself but trying to get hold of a copy, as well as a writing residency, Kafka, the narrator coming adrift (a relationship has ended, and the fellow writing residents aren’t exactly her cup of tea). Or it’s about those things and it’s not … That seems like plenty to find tucked away in a few pages made from a single sheet of paper.

Launch of “Shklovsky’s Zoo” at bookartbookshop, London, July 2015

Launch of “Shklovsky’s Zoo” at bookartbookshop, London, July 2015


Read Michael Caines’, ‘Small Publishers, Smaller Books’, on the TLS Blog

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