I was reminded of Stanley Green, aka ‘the protein sex man’ when David Collard mentioned him on Twitter yesterday. As is well known, Green used to cycle to the West End from Northolt every day and walk around the Oxford Street area carrying a big sign and selling a booklet entitled EIGHT PASSION PROTEINS WITH CARE.

I bought this copy from him in the autumn of 1989 – the back cover notes that it’s the ‘36th. Var.’ and the ‘82nd.Thous.’ printed. I worked at Foyles on Charing Cross Road at the time, and we’d often see him in the area when nipping out to buy a sandwich at lunchtime. Re-reading the back cover yesterday, I remembered that the line about ‘the wordy-amusements industries’ cracked us up, working in a bookshop as we did.

And come to think of it, I still work in the business of ‘wordy-amusements’.


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