Good Pizza

PIECE OF PAPER PRESS becomes ‘Pizza Paper Press’ for a day to celebrate publication of ‘Good Pizza’, by the acclaimed short story writer David Hayden. It’s a story about being young and about being old, about being out late in early snow. It’s also about pizza. But is it good pizza?

Piece of Paper Press was founded in 1994. The fortieth title in the series, ‘Good Pizza’ by David Hayden, is published 6 July in a numbered limited-edition of 250. Hayden’s story was premiered in a live performance by actress Stephanie Ellyne at David Collard’s online salon The Glue Factory 26 July 2022.

Other authors who’ve contributed to Piece of Paper Press include Tim Etchells, M John Harrison, Susana Medina, Michael Moorcock, Courttia Newland, and Joanna Walsh.

All pre-2000 titles from Piece of Paper Press are included in Artists’ Books: The Book as a Work of Art, 1963–2000, by Stephen Bury, Quaritch, 2016. (Revised edition.)

An exhibition of ‘Piece of Paper Press: artworks and ephemera 1994–2017’ was at Site Gallery, Sheffield, as part of Strong Language curated by Tim Etchells for Off The Shelf Festival of Words, 2018.

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